Shipping policy

Wrong Address Policy

Oops!  I entered the wrong shipping address for my wall art... Now what?

We are sorry that this happened, and we have definitely been there.  We understand that mistakes happen, and we want to do whatever we can to get your wall art to you ASAP!

However, we are asking you, the customer, to understand that we are a small business and every time we have to re-ship or re print we end up losing money on the sale.  Not just losing profit, but losing money.  We would like our customers to review and please be understanding of the following policy:

If you have made an error in entering your address, we will need to send you an invoice to cover the cost of re-shipping your order.

If this is not your preference, the other option would be to refund your order, less our cost of shipping and a 20% penalty, because we cannot restock it.  

This policy is not our preference, nor is it our first choice.  However, it's the easiest way to tackle the issue. Just double-check your address when ordering, and if there's an issue, let us know ASAP. We're here to help fix it! Thanks for choosing us—we're excited to work with you and get your order to you fast!


 Shipping charges will vary for accessories products based on product and quantity purchased. Detailed shipping charges can be seen on the checkout page.